Why Online Marketing is Essential for Small Business Success

For all businesses, both large and small, having a great online presence is key to generating brand awareness and gaining business success. Especially small businesses that may have a very niche market, online tools allow you to reach otherwise unreachable customers, generating a fan base that would be impossible without online marketing. Combining website optimization, internet ads, social media profiles and email marketing – nearly every type of online marketing tool is essential for small businesses to grow their brand and generate new customer traffic.

Online Marketing Through Small Business Websites

Do you have a business website? If the answer is no – it’s time to get one already. Although there are many do-it-yourself website builder sites, hiring a professional to set up your website for you is the safest and best bet to ensuring you are able to utilize all the online marketing tools available to you. Your online marketing professional will make sure your online content focuses on keywords that relate to your business and that search engine optimization “SEO” is set up correctly for your website. Having a website with great SEO allows potential customers to find you in their online searches for products or services that you offer. Your website is also essential for offering online products or “ecommerce.” Allow customers to easily purchase your products online so you reach people all over the country.

Internet Ads as an Online Marketing Tool

You’ve probably heard of “Adwords” or “Banner ads” or “Pop ups” and more. When searching for products or visiting your favorite websites (or even on your Facebook page) you’ll see these ads everywhere. Why not try placing your own advertisement online? Using social media, you can easily create ads within the channels that are most appropriate to your brand. Google makes it easy to advertise your website using specific “keywords” that suggest your business when specific people are searching for your type of product or service. If you don’t want to do it yourself, there are many Internet ad companies and agencies that you can work with you to get signed up for online marketing ads.

Social Media is Key to Online Marketing

Have you heard of brand awareness? Let people know about your brand on social media. Create social media profiles for your business on your favorite channels. For example, the “basic” business model includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But depending on your business type – other channels like YouTube, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+ may work better. Sign up for these social media sites for yourself and search around. Which one works best for your business? Using social media for business is easy and can be fun. Let people know about your brand and who your business is. Online users like to see “behind the scenes” and discover new things about their favorite products. Also, the great thing about social media is that it is FREE! (Except of course when you are running ads within your account).

Email Marketing is Still a Great Online Marketing Tool

It may have been around for a while… but email marketing is still proving to be an essential tool for online marketing. Generating a large email list of customers that are happy to receive your emails is a priceless business tool. Use your email list to notify subscribers about exclusive specials for your best customers. Direct users to your website and send out last minute deals to push products fast.

PEL Online Marketing

Online marketing is geared to the modern consumer who has learned to ignore most traditional marketing. Its lower cost and ease of implementation make digital marketing critical for business success today.

PEL online marketing employs all modern tools to connect your online marketing to the world.

PEL Online Marketing Strategy

PEL offers comprehensive and holistic online marketing services.  PEL online marketing works with each client to develop an effective online marketing strategy tailored for that client’s industry and focused on that client’s target audience.

PEL Website Design and Website Development

PEL combines an effective strategy coupled with a well designed and developed website for each client to ensure the best possible user experience.   This requires a sound website architectural structure as well as consideration for ease of use by each website visitor

PEL Website Content Writing and Website Content Editing

PEL understands that implementation of an effective online marketing strategy doesn’t stop with a well designed and developed website but that it requires highly relevant, engaging and original content on every website.  PEL works with each client to develop the website content through PEL website content writing services and website content editing services.

PEL Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PEL recognizes that high quality content is only effective when it speaks to the needs, desires and pain points of a client’s intended audience.  Effective search engine optimization (SEO) is the primary tools for connecting the dots in this regard.  This is not the end all to high quality SEO.  In order to ensure the highest possible website performance, many other factors must be considered and implemented if a client’ website is to be truly optimized.

PEL Online Marketing Analysis

PEL performs detailed granular online marketing analysis to assess the effectiveness of each implemented online marketing strategy to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to continually adjust the strategy based on consumer behavior patterns.

PEL Social Media Marketing

PEL maximizes the use of social media marketing to connect and convert the client’s targeted audience based on where they spend their online time.

PEL PPC Marketing

PEL employs Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing when it is in the best interest of the client’s overall marketing strategy.

How good is your online presence?

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