Social Media Marketing Is An Essential Tool For Growing Your Business

Social media has become a part of mainstream American in the past decade. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, millions of Americans use some form of social media to connect with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Because of social media's sheer popularity, people all over the world are using it to market their businesses. This has made social media marketing an essential tool for growing any business.

How can you leverage social media for your company's marketing?

Go with the interesting and catchy.  With so much social media around these days, you have to have something that will capture the audience's attention. Give every social media post you make a catchy title. The title should give the audience a glimpse at what the longer piece talks about. It should be catchy enough to make them want to open up the link. Whenever possible be sure to include an attention grabbing image as part of your post.  The goal is to get someone to pause when scrolling through their news feed long enough to realize you also have an interesting message.

Respond promptly to comments you receive on each social media channel

Social media, if used right, can become a two-way conversation. Let's say you put a new item on your blog, and then share it to the company's Facebook page. You get notified that someone has left a comment. That is your chance to make a connection with that person. A simple "Thank you" for a positive comment is a nice personal gesture. Responding to a negative comment shows that you are engaged and that you are paying attention to what is being said.

Make your social media posts consistent and consistently

To build your social media following, you need to put out content on a regular basis. A good social media marketing plan will include a plan on how often you post and what kind of content you post. So, you may update your blog twice a week (Monday and Thursday, for example). After that item goes live, you need to schedule social media posts to promote the new content. Of course, you can post exclusive items to social media as well. Just be consistent on what and how often you post.

Keep your social media strategy consistent with your business goals and overall marketing objectives.

Everything you do in your company should be guided by your overall business goals and marketing objectives. For example, let's say your goal for 1st Quarter 2016 is to introduce a new product line. That means your marketing objectives should focus on that business goal for the first three months of 2016. Your social media marketing should have the same focus as well.

Know your target audience for each social media channel

What attracts a teenage boy is likely going to be very different than what would attract a middle-aged professional woman with a husband and two teenagers. You need to know who you are targeting so you can focus your social media efforts effectively. For example, you are far more likely to find the professional woman on LinkedIn than a teenage boy.

Budget and use social media resources responsibly and appropriately

Some companies make the mistake of using the wrong person to manage the social media marketing for the company. You need someone who is familiar with social media first of all. So, that old guy in accounting who doesn't even know what Facebook is, is not a good candidate. Second, you need someone who has the time to monitor social media as well as making updates to it. Trying to get your overworked secretary to do it is a recipe for disaster.

Social media marketing is a must in today's business world. However, it does require strategy and thought to be an effective part of your company's marketing plan. How do you use social media in your business?

PEL Social Media Marketing

PEL provides assistance and guidance to each client in order to set up, verify and manage their social media accounts.  We provide training and guidance to each client on the most effective techniques for utilizing these social media channels to promote the client’s business to the targeted demographics.  All content created by PEL for a client or provided by the client is echoed on all social media channels in order to promote the client as a subject matter expert and to improve social media driven traffic to the client’s website.

We train the client on how to make engaging and effective posts on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus  pages and strongly encourage every client to make frequent and effective posts following these techniques.  We also train the client on how to utilize social media ad features and make recommendations on when this feature might be beneficial.  Clients write and upload their own posts as well as schedule their own Facebook ads.  We will analyze the effectiveness of these efforts and make recommendations to the client where opportunities for improvement are evident.

PEL also assists each client in setting up a YouTube channel for their business.  We provide training to the client to support the client in uploading their videos into this channel.  We will link to these videos on the website where appropriate.

How good is your online presence?

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