Do Your Own Research First To Achieve A Solid Website Design For Your Business

When setting up your business's website, it is important to do your own research. Focus on the simplicity of your site first, and make sure to research which aspects you should highlight. Research your customers next. Why will they visit your site? Make sure your website design speaks to them. Most importantly, research technology. Will your website be able to handle the traffic you plan to drive? Is your site secure and safe from hackers? By doing proper research before creating and developing your own business website, you will set the stage for a solid design and successful online presence.

Research your product and explain with simplicity

It may seem silly to research your own product or service when developing your business website, but it is important to look critically at your own business. What is your most important feature? What service do you offer to potential customers? By researching the key selling points of your business, you can determine the most important aspect for your website design. Find a way to tell your website visitors about your product or service in a simple way. Get to the point. Sure, you want your website to look nice, but supplying information quickly and efficiently is the main purpose of any website.

Research your customers to improve your website design

If your business is already up-and-running, you should have a good idea of who your customers are and what they want from your business. When working on your website design, make sure your website covers those main “wants” on the main page. Do your customers want to buy your product? Make it easy for them to do that. Do your customers want information on how to contact you? Make that information readily available on your homepage as well as on the mobile version of your site. If you aren’t sure what your customers are looking for, send out a quick survey to a decent-sized group to get an idea. If you haven’t launched your business yet, ask your employees or co-workers about their visions of your “ideal customer.” This will help you streamline your website design to speak directly to the customer.

Research latest technology for solid website design

Is your new website design ready to stand the test of technology? Can you handle some spam or hackers? Is your site secure enough for your customers to enter their payment information? Have you protected any submission forms or entry forms with Captcha and anti-spam plugins? If all of those things sounds like a foreign language, it’s time you started researching website technology (or hire someone to help). Security is one of the most important aspects of your website. If you can’t stand up to the millions of spammers and robots out there, your site will be compromised. You should check out your host as well to determine if they can handle the kind of website traffic you are looking to drive. If you are a small business, you should be all right with a smaller host… but if you are looking to drive huge traffic to your ecommerce site, you may need to look into upgraded options.

Do your website design research first

When starting your business website, it is so important to do your own research and not rely solely on the advice of others. If you take the time to properly research your brand, product, customers as well as the latest website technology, you’ll be ready to launch a solid and secure website with rock solid design.

PEL Web Design

PEL combines an effective strategy coupled with a well designed and developed website for each client to ensure the best possible user experience.   This requires a sound website architectural structure as well as consideration for ease of use by each website visitor. Website Design, Website Development, population and launch are the foundation of every internet marketing strategy.  Successful accomplishment of these elements requires an understanding of a client’s targeted customer base personas, the website standards used by Google to evaluate and rank websites and how visitors interact with a given website experience.

PEL works with each client to achieve the client’s desired look and feel for their website.  The design phase is similar to an architectural design and drawing creation phase with no simultaneous construction.  Establishing the look and feel of a website is the critical first step in website design.  It ensures the client’s brand is adequately reflected and enhances the visitor’s experience after reaching the website.  The look and feel of a website is much more than color scheme, logos and tag-lines.  A successful look and feel includes these elements and the information layout on each web page that supports an organized representation of the structure of the client’s business.  This information layout, coupled with the client’s business structure, establishes the architectural structure of the website.  It establishes how the website will be evaluated by search engines (e.g., Google) and the viewer experience that best connects to the client’s goods and services.  The look and feel also captures the elements of the client’s business that are of special interest to the customer base being targeted by the website.  Identifying and capturing these special interest elements are key to encouraging visitor engagement with the website.  Every aspect of the client’s website, including the design, should reflect and connect with the persona(s) of the client’s targeted customer base.  As such, it is extremely important that the client identifies these personas and communicates them to PEL as early as possible in the website design phase.  All of the elements that go into designing the client’s website are unique to the client and the targeted audience.  This effort requires a great deal of input from the client that de-emphasizes their personal preferences and focuses more on the website user.

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