PEL Online Marketing is vital for business success

Business has undergone a revolution in the past couple of decades. As the use of the Internet has increased, consumer behavior has changed. To address this shift, online marketing, also known as digital marketing or internet marketing, has become just as important as if not even more important than traditional marketing. In fact, online marketing is so important it is critical for business success today.

What is PEL Online Marketing?

Online marketing is any form of marketing that occurs on the Internet, through social media or via email. Examples include but are certainly not limited to: websites, blogs, videos, webinars, white papers, email offers, ebooks, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), text messaging and podcasts

The many and varied forms of online marketing continue to evolve as technology and consumer behavior continues to change.

How is PEL Online Marketing different from traditional marketing?

What makes online marketing different from traditional marketing is the approach it takes to get the attention of potential customers.

Traditional marketing casts a broad net in hopes of capturing a few interested customers. For example, TV ads. They are broadcast to anyone who is watching a particular channel. Not everyone watching is going to be interested in what every ad is selling. However, a few people will be interested. Traditional marketing is also known as interruption marketing, because it involves interrupting a person by placing an advertisement in front of him or her given that they are already in the environment (watching TV, listening to radio, reading a magazine).

Some online marketing is traditional by nature. Pop-up and banner ads are two good examples. They interrupt a person's online experience with an advertisement.

Most forms of online marketing, however, use a different approach. Instead of using interruption techniques, they use attraction instead.

Consumers use the Internet to do research on anything they are looking for, whether it be clothing, plumbing services, or a rare collectible. They will use search engines, like Google or Bing, to do research on those items. In fact, virtually every purchasing decision STARTS ONLINE.

Online marketing works to place businesses near the top of web searches where customers can find them. It also focuses on providing quality content to consumers, making them want to learn more about what a business represented on a website has to offer. This helps attract consumer attention while positioning the brand as a trusted industry leader.

What are there advantages of PEL Online Marketing?

As online marketing developed, several advantages became apparent.

  1. The cost for online marketing is usually less than traditional marketing.
  2. Online marketing offers both immediate and residual effects. Traditional marketing ads are usually out for a few weeks, then go away to be replaced by another. Online marketing, particularly content like blog posts, videos, and similar items, are usually permanent on the company's website. So, what was done today could still attract customers next week, next month, next year and even five to ten years in the future.
  3. Marketing online lets your customers find you 24/7. If someone is out searching for the best deal on shoes at 2AM, your bricks-and-mortar store doesn't need to be open. Your online store can take the order any time, day or night.
  4. With online marketing, you can monitor results in real-time. Specialized online marketing tools make it possible to know which campaigns are attracting the most traffic and which are not. It also makes it possible to adjust campaigns quickly to optimize results.

Online marketing is geared to the modern consumer who has learned to ignore most traditional marketing. Its lower cost and ease of implementation make digital marketing critical for business success today.

PEL Online Marketing

PEL Online Marketing employs all modern tools to connect your online marketing to the world. PEL Online Marketing services include:

PEL Online Marketing Strategy

PEL offers comprehensive and holistic online marketing services.  PEL online marketing works with each client to develop an effective online marketing strategy tailored for that client's industry and focused on that client's target audience.

PEL Website Design and PEL Website Development

PEL combines an effective strategy coupled with a well designed and developed website for each client to ensure the best possible user experience.   This requires a sound website architectural structure as well as consideration for ease of use by each website visitor

PEL Content Writing and Content Editing

PEL understands that implementation of an effective online marketing strategy doesn’t stop with a well designed and developed website but that it requires highly relevant, engaging and original content on every website.  PEL works with each client to develop the website content through PEL website content writing services and website content editing services.

PEL Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PEL recognizes that high quality content is only effective when it speaks to the needs, desires and pain points of a client’s intended audience.  Effective search engine optimization (SEO) is the primary tools for connecting the dots in this regard.  This is not the end all to high quality SEO.  In order to ensure the highest possible website performance, many other factors must be considered and implemented if a client’ website is to be truly optimized.

PEL Website Performance Analysis

PEL performs detailed granular online marketing analysis to assess the effectiveness of each implemented online marketing strategy to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to continually adjust the strategy based on consumer behavior patterns.

PEL Social Media Marketing

PEL maximizes the use of social media marketing to connect and convert the client’s targeted audience based on where they spend their online time.

PEL PPC Marketing

PEL employs Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing when it is in the best interest of the client's overall marketing strategy.

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