The Five Elements Of Successful Online Marketing

Online marketing is critical for the future of modern businesses. It’s easy to get so caught up in the pressure of online marketing that you try anything and everything with no clear strategy. Establish marketing goals that will help you accomplish your larger goals for your business. Then implement the following elements in your marketing campaigns to improve their efficiency and overall success.

Identifying the right channels for effective online marketing

Not all online channels will be relevant for your brand or business. It’s better to use two online channels well then to use five or six channels poorly. Pay attention to the channels that are the best fit for your specific company as well as the preferences of your target audience. For example, Pinterest and Instagram are a great fit for businesses with a strong visual focus. You may be most comfortable creating Facebook content, but you get the highest engagement from your Snapchat blasts. Learning a few new tactics for reaching Snapchat users will be a much better use of your time.

Optimizing online marketing content for mobile devices

As of April 2016, there are more than 2.6 billion smartphone users worldwide with more new users every day. By 2017, the smartphone user base is predicted to reach a staggering 4.77 billion. Just a few years ago, mobile-compatible was an appropriate frame of mind for online content. Now mobile optimization must be a top priority for every marketing campaign to reach a significant portion of your target audience. Make sure your mobile site is indexed, focus on mobile keyword research and content creation for every campaign, and fix mobile-related errors as quickly as possible.

Diversifying social media channel use to maximize your return for online marketing budgets

Maintaining a minimum of two social media channels ensures you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. You may have a large following on Twitter right now, but that audience could decrease drastically with little or no warning. Once you’ve identified the ideal channels for your business, schedule regular content for all of the channels to maintain a high level of interest and engagement. If you haven’t embraced live streaming yet, consider creating a Snapchat or Periscope channel or using the Instagram stories feature.

Using online marketing to talk to, not talk at, prospective customers

Traditional marketing talks, even screams, at consumers to buy products and use services. Modern consumers prefer to be in conversation with their favorite brands. Online marketing allows you to create dialogues with your customers. Conclude blog posts and social media posts with questions to encourage back and forth between your brand and target audiences as well as within the customer base.

Selecting the correct metrics to measure to evaluate success of your online marketing strategies

For any given online marketing strategy, there are key metrics that will determine the success of the strategy. For example, if your goal is to increase your number of blog readers, appropriate metrics might include post engagement rate, number of link clicks, and number of social shares. Choose metrics that are so straightforward that someone with no prior knowledge of your company could evaluate them with ease. A broad goal, such as “offer better customer support this quarter,” is impossible to evaluate. In comparison, the goal “double Instagram followers this quarter” is extremely easy to evaluate. When you review your numbers, consider how the figures are impacting your business as a whole. Finding the right online marketing strategy for your company is an ongoing process. Staying on top of the latest trends and listening to the needs of your customers will allow you to adapt your marketing plan accordingly to maximize your revenue stream.

PEL Online Marketing

Online marketing is geared to the modern consumer who has learned to ignore most traditional marketing. Its lower cost and ease of implementation make digital marketing critical for business success today. PEL online marketing employs all modern tools to connect your online marketing to the world. PEL online marketing services include: Online Marketing Strategy development; Website Design and Website Development with the a client’s intended audience in mind; Website Content Writing and Website Content Editing to ensure engaging original content is offered on a client’s website; Website Search Engine Optimization to ensure the highest possible website performance; Granular Website Analysis to determine the effectiveness of the client’s online marketing strategy and to identify improvement opportunities; Social Media Marketing to engage a client’s intended audience when and where they are active online; and Pay Per Click Advertising Marketing to supplement a client’s overall marketing plan when appropriate.

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