PEL Online Marketing employs all modern tools to connect your online marketing to the world.  PEL online marketing services include:

Online Marketing Strategy development;

Website Design and Website Development with the a client’s intended audience in mind;

Content Writing and Content Editing to ensure engaging original content is offered on a client’s website and social media channels;

Website Search Engine Optimization to ensure the highest possible website performance;

Granular Website Performance Analysis to determine the effectiveness of the client’s online marketing strategy and to identify improvement opportunities;

Social Media Marketing to engage a client’s intended audience when and where they are active online;

Pay Per Click Advertising Marketing to supplement a client’s overall marketing plan when appropriate.

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Website Design – Functionality Versus User Experience

A usable website offers a stellar user experience. Whether you run a company blog or a personal website, providing an intuitive layout with content that is easy to read and understand should be a top priority. Improving usability increases the number of people who navigate to multiple pages of your website, lowering your bounce rate. …

Search Engine Optimization Is More Important Than Ever

Search engine optimization is more important than ever in today’s highly competitive online market. As of 2016, there are 966 million websites. Each year internet users complete approximately two trillion Google searches to locate content. Standing out from your competition doesn’t happen by chance. You must be intentional with your website creation and ongoing development …

Why Online Marketing is Essential for Small Business Success

For all businesses, both large and small, having a great online presence is key to generating brand awareness and gaining business success. Especially small businesses that may have a very niche market, online tools allow you to reach otherwise unreachable customers, generating a fan base that would be impossible without online marketing. Combining website optimization, …


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